We are Sydneys leading cosmetic clinic near you in the innerwest !

WHITE HILL CLINIC is proudly one of the most respected clinics in your area.  

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds from media personalities to a large range of medical professionals ( they must trust us).  Feel free to read some WHITE HILL CLINIC reviews here to see some familiar faces that have visited our clinic.  Cosmetic clinic Newtown allows you to receive a global treatment at your very footsteps.  Our motto is simple We aim to:

Enhance your Natural Beauty

With a menu that makes cosmetic clinic Newtown envious, we can offer the most cutting edge treatments.  Why?  Because  Our team is directed by a plastic Surgeon who leads the way in cutting edge non-surgical procedures such as Fat transfer.  We have made headlines because of our non-surgical Treatments.   Our Dermal filler, Anti-wrinkle injections and Facial contouring cosmetic clinic provides clients with bespoke treatments at an affordable cost.

How is our clinic different?

The team at WHITE HILL CLINIC have perfected the art of ensuring our clients leave looking Good.  This may seem easy, a little antiwrinkle injections here and some filler there , Viola!  No ! We analyse your natural beauty, we don’t just add , sometimes we need to take out fillers poorly injected.  Our Injecting technique focus on the anatomy of the entire face, we consider what will happen to your forehead if we inject Filler into your cheeks, how will this warp the proportions you were naturally provided.  

Thanks to our resident Plastic surgeon we also think about the physics and chemistry of the aging process.  What this means is what we do now, what we inject, how we inject our face WILL have an effect on our appearance in 5 years, 10 years and 20 years time. If you over fill lips in your 20’s, you will LOOK BAD in your 40’s.  Ever seen those girls who are 30 but look like they are a hot 50 year old because of too much filler. We want to avoid this. We want to look after your face for the rest of your life to ensure this visit us at cosmetic clinic Newtown WHITE HILL today. So We can ensure you age gracefully and keep up with our WHITE HILL motto of :

Enhance your Natural Beauty 


We retained her youthful appearance