Face Contouring Procedures

Fat Transfer

If you’re looking to reduce the effect that ageing has on your face, then fat grafting (sometimes called autologous fat transfer) could be a smart option for you. It’s probably not a surprise to you that as we age, usually the most obvious place it shows is our face.

Fortunately these days there are several treatments you can use to reduce the effects of aging. Anti-wrinkle injections are popular for getting rid of wrinkles, as are dermal fillers, which can also be used to add volume to different parts of your face.

But there’s another interesting method that’s used these days that not as many people have heard of. It’s called fat grafting and it has quickly become a popular method for creating fullness in various areas of the face.

How it works is that first, some fat is grafted from your abdomen or thighs. Once the fat is removed from your body by syringe, it’s then injected into the areas of your face that you want to augment.

Sometimes re-grafting is needed. After the first treatment, a percentage of the grafted fat will undergo re-absorption, which sometimes necessitates additional procedures. Often your surgeon will initially inject a larger quantity than needed in anticipation of losing some volume over time.

The goal of fat grafting face contouring is to create a natural looking shape that compliments your face and results in improved quality of life.

As we age, both men and women can experience a loss in volume of fat content in the face. In the first instance, this may sound like a good thing, however, each person is unique and such a change around the mid-face region can affect individuals differently, leading to have an aged appearance with sunken cheeks and loose, sagging skin around the mid-face and chin area. This can also be caused if the individual has recently experienced significant weight loss.

Face contouring surgery, also known as “fat grafting” or “fat transfer” to the face is becoming an increasingly popular option as it gives the patient a more natural-looking result. The procedure to transfer and graft fat to the face is minimally-invasive, considerably less painful and leaves no scars.

To rejuvenate your face and regain your youthful appearance once again, fat transfer to the face from other parts of your body (usually from the stomach or thighs) can be transplanted into the mid-section of the face. The amazing results of fat contouring are noticeable immediately as the face volumised and tightened, restoring what time may have taken away over the years and giving you a healthy, vibrant glow.


Fat transfers are a relatively new method of restoring youthfulness in the face. And like any new procedure on the market, there is a lot of confusion around what it actually does. This post seeks to provide information on how exactly fat transfer works and why it is becoming a popular alternative to fillers for providing a youthful appearance for both women and men.

Fat transfer is two procedures in one
Fat transfer involves removing the fat cells from one area of the body and injecting them into another area of the body. It is also called fat grafting. The process of removing the fat from the first area is not achieved by traditional liposuctionand uses a more involved technique so as not to destroy the fat cells in the body.

Fat transfer has a similar effect to fillers
Fillers are a popular choice for many people to help them regain a youthful look, particularly in the face. They can be used to fill in wrinkles, to plump up areas where volume loss has occurred, or to contour the face. Fat transfer is similar in this manner, except the fat itself lasts longer than traditional fillers do. Fillers generally last between 6 and 18 months, whereas fat transfer is more a semi-permanent option.

Fat transfer is all natural
Fat transfer gives a natural appearance when applied correctly, especially as it is all natural, harvested from your very own body. It is your own fat, so it behaves exactly the same as your own fat does. If you are nervous about putting other fillers into your body this makes a fat transfer an excellent alternative for a more youthful, natural appearance.

Fat transfer is for all ages
No matter what age you are, fat transfer can help to transform your face into a more youthful appearance. If you would like higher cheekbones, fewer wrinkles, a reduction in under eye bags or nasolabial folds, or any other concerns regarding contouring or rejuvenating the face, then a fat transfer can help. This procedure is being used by women from their early 20s for contouring, through to their 70s and 80s for wrinkle filling – it really is alternative method to fillers that has many different purposes and effects.

Dr Joseph Rizk offers fat transfer procedures, a more permanent alternative to traditional fillers. If you would like a consultation to see whether you are viable for a fat transfer procedure, call our offices to book your initial appointment. We love helping clients to achieve the youthful appearance and glow that fat transfer can help to achieve.