Why are many of our clients from Leichhardt ? Many men and women living in the inner western suburb of Leichhardt take a short trip to Stanmore. Well, we are just 3 minutes drive from Leichhardt ! But it is also because we are Sydneys Top Injectables Clinic. If you are searching for a cosmetic clinic in Leichhardt, look not further than up the road at WHITE HILL clinic. We specialise in Anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and anti- ageing skin care near Leichhardt.

We have become Sydneys leading Fat Transfer Provider, offering volume to Sydneys face and body, without the use or synthetic filler. Visiting Any type of cosmetic clinic is ones own choice.  So we want to stand out of the crowd, because at the end of the day its Your choice to visit a Cosmetic Clinic in Sydney.  We want you to feel comfortable and safe when you visit us at WHITE HILL.  Your body is your temple and we treat every individual with respect and take a conservative approach.  We don’t aim to over fill, over sell or underperform. We aim to get you a going healthy and beautifully from your 20’s all the way to your 70’s.  At each age we recommend  different services, some aimed at prevention, others aim at fixing damage.  Often our purpose is functional as well.

Our menu soo involved that you need a degree to even understand. We are the leaders in revolutionary cosmetic medicine. Our Founder & Plastic Surgeon Dr Joseph Rizk made headlines when he started recycling the fat he took from liposuction . Fat from the love handles can be transferred to the face here at our Stanmore COSMETIC CLINIC. It was a “too good to be true” kind of procedure, that only we could offer. So people from Leichhardt and beyond Sydney came to our Top Cosmetic Clinic Sydney.

So why not try one of the other cosmetic clinic Leichhardt? Firstly no other cosmetic clinic in Leichhardt can offer the scope of procedures we do. We have Sydneys Top Injectors and facial it’s working under our roof. Facials, laser resurfacing (C02 laser- we are Sydneys leading provider of this laser read more here) and cosmetic injections are just to name a few. We have thread lifts and surgical procedures available.

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